This week, the founders of wine-subscription service Winc launched new vegan brand The Wonderful Wine Co. (WWC). While Winc previously offered curated vegan wines alongside non-vegan ones, WWC was created as an exclusively vegan brand that focuses on environmentally friendly practices. The wines are made with organic grapes grown on pesticide-free land and are low in sugar and sulfites. While some wines are made with animal-based fining agents such as isinglass (derived from fish bladders), WWC only uses vegan methods in its wine product process. “We set out to craft transparent products that you can feel good about reaching for,” WWC co-founder Brian Smith told Forbes. “Wonderful Wine Co. is the sum of all parts, and our commitment to doing the right thing affects every decision we make, from our sustainable winemaking practices to our eco-friendly packaging and production methods.” 

Currently, WWC offers four varieties: Argentine Malbec, French Rosé, Frency White, and a limited-edition orange-hued “Malvasia Bianca” from California. The company uses wine shippers made from 70-percent recycled materials which are 100-percent recyclable and 95-percent compostable. The bottles—which are made from a lighter glass that takes 20 percent less energy to produce—are shipped in flexible containers that hold twice as many bottles as traditional containers, resulting in a 40-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The wines are available in bundles of three ($60), six ($110), or twelve ($215), shipping included.