San Francisco vegan startup Eclipse Foods recently launched an initiative that allows individuals to nominate local heroes to receive an Eclipse Ice Cream Care Package. The program aims to celebrate and share the stories of the essential workers, first responders, and local citizens who are caring for others in their communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Each week, Eclipse chooses a few recipients to receive complimentary pints of non-dairy chocolate and vanilla ice cream and other swag. Their stories are also announced and shared on social media. The company has already sent care packages to nurses and doctors working in the hardest-hit hospitals nationwide, and everyday people who are delivering groceries and mail to elderly neighbors.

“We’re inspired by ordinary people stepping up to do extraordinary things for others in a time of great need,” Laura Cox, Eclipse Head of Marketing, told VegNews. “We were hearing more and more stories about people going above and beyond to help friends, family, and complete strangers in their communities—truly inspiring stories of bravery and generosity. These stories were so powerful, so we thought not only do these amazing people deserve a small treat of ice cream to brighten their day, but they deserve to have their stories shared and celebrated.”

Though the program was set to end sooner, Eclipse has received so many submissions that they have extended it to June 1 so they are able to recognize more people. “One of the best parts of this campaign is reading the gratitude permeating from the nominators,” Cox said. “You can really feel how much these nominees mean to them and how appreciative they are. It’s quite moving.”