Just in time for Star Wars holiday “May the Fourth,” Los Angeles-based sporting company SANABUL released vegan leather boxing gloves with Star Wars-themed patterns. The gloves come in four styles: the “mercilessly cruel and menacing” black-hued Darth Vader; the cute-but-fierce R2-D2; the Rebels (crafted specifically for underdogs); and “imposingly white” Stormtroppers.  

“Pulling no punches, the gloves are made with the same unmatched SANABUL performance and build-quality that thousands of professionals rely on in the ring,” the brand states. “Unlike other boxing gloves made from animal leather, SANABUL-engineered vegan-friendly leather optimizes performance, ensures enhanced durability and makes the gloves easier to maintain and clean.” 

The gloves ($59.99) are available in 12-ounce and 14-ounce weights and using code “MAYTHEFOURTH” knocks 15 percent of the price for orders placed through May 5. 

May the Fourth be with you, vegan Star Wars fans.

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