Starting on June 21, 82-year-old vegan Paul Youd is set to run 100 kilometers (62 miles) over the course of 10 days to raise funds for the 200 residents of Dean Farm Trust animal sanctuary in Chepstow, England. Youd began running as a hobby in March to learn a new skill during the COVID-19 lockdown. He worked up to a three-kilometer-a-day distance around a small track that he marked out in his garden. Feeling good about his new abilities, Youd decided to take on the 100K running challenge in an effort to raise £10 ($13) for every kilometer he ran. 

“I wanted to challenge myself and do something to help the rescued animals at Dean Farm Trust,” Youd said. “They do such amazing work to rescue animals in need and they are really struggling at the moment, with many of their funding sources affected by the coronavirus. Running was something I could learn from the safety of my home.”