Next month, new vegan deli Louie’s Luncheonette will open in Brooklyn, NY. The direct-to-consumer deli will offer a full range of plant-based meats and cold cuts, including ham, turkey, pepperoni, and barbecue chicken, made from wheat gluten and garbanzo bean flour. After giving up animal meat in 2016, co-founder Louie Catizone began developing flavorful vegan versions of his favorite sandwich meats and eventually launched the vegan deli with his brother Matt Catizone to share his creations with others. 

“[Louie] and so many others feel a certain nostalgia from sandwiches, which creates an appetite for deli meats that are plant-based,” Matt Catizone told VegNews. “And while you can have a vegan burger or vegan chicken nuggets today, there really isn’t a vegan alternative for cold cuts. Our goal or inspiration is to fill that void and those cravings by providing an easy everyday option for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, environmentalists, and anyone else in between looking to make a change but unsure how or where to start.”

Louie’s Luncheonette will offer a pop-up deli sandwich shop in the window of Dolly’s Swing and Dive on June 27 with one or two more events tentatively slated for July. Louie Luncheonette products will also be available online with shipping nationwide and the brothers hope to eventually expand to local retail outlets and catering.

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