California-based vegan food truck Original Herbivore is now offering a “Name Your Price” vegan chicken sandwich until the end of June. The sandwich features the deli’s signature vegan fried chicken patty, pickles, lettuce, and coleslaw on a vegan brioche bun and is available in three flavors: Regular, Buffalo, and Nashville. When customers place their order, they can pay what they want at checkout. Original Herbivore is limiting the offer to one per customer per day. “Our chicken sandwich will have no price. That’s right. You’ll pay what you feel like paying. No judgment,” Original Herbivore posted on Instagram. “$12? $5? $1? Sure, we’ll take it.” 

The food truck also sells its vegan deli meats online and plans to open a brick-and-mortar location in Sherman Oaks, CA in the coming months. 

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