Two vegan companies have partnered to offer a Father’s Day Pizza and Wine package with free nationwide shipping. The gift package includes four vegan wines from New York-based Vegan Wines paired with eight pre-made vegan pizzas from California-based The Pizza Plant. As part of the $262 package, customers will receive bottles of 2018 Proteus Ramato Pinot Gris Rose; 2016 Luca Di Tomaso Montefalco Rosso; Pandolfi Los Patricios Chardonnay; and 2018 Sarravacallo Besidiae; along with two Not Your Grandma’s pizzas (mozzarella-style cashew cheese and marinara); two Salsiccia Italiano pizzas (spiced wheat crumble, mozzarella, and marinara); two Yes, We Will Take You to Funghitown pizzas (roasted baby bella mushrooms, broccoli, pumpkin-seed pesto, red onion, and mozzarella); and two The 36% Everything But The Hog pizzas (ancho chili tofu pepperoni, mozzarella, and marinara). 

“The Pizza Plant was founded as an homage to my parents, which was inspired by the loss of my father. His passing sparked so many childhood memories, all of which had pizza as the centerpiece,” The Pizza Plant founder Marvin V. Acuna told VegNews. “He and my mother loved having family and friends over to share slices of pizza, libations, and conversation. Thus, our company ethos—which is printed on all our retail packaging, with its organic, whole-food, nutrient-dense, made-with-love, crave-able plant-based pizza—is committed to bringing family and friends back to the table and making the world better, one pizza at a time.”