New non-profit Plant-based Food Share was recently created in Seattle, WA to help feed individuals and families in need. Founded by photographer Kimberly Sandie and vegan chef Ariel Bangs, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) style program offers plant-based food boxes with recipes that are handed out from small community-minded cafe Cafe Red every Monday. Since March 31, the program has raised $20,000 in cash donations and more than $10,000 in food donations, which has allowed them to hand out over 10,000 pounds of food to 2,500 people. 

“People sometimes cry when they receive our boxes because they haven’t had fresh fruit and vegetables in the house in months,” Sandie told VegNews. “Our motto is ‘Love, don’t judge.’ We’ve received a surprising amount of feedback from people inspired to eat more, or entirely, plant-based.” Plant-based Food Share has also partnered with local restaurants such as Plum Bistro to supply prepared meals for the boxes, and other companies such as The Beet Box and Tilth Alliance helped more than 200 people grow food by providing education, pots, soil, seeds, and starters.

Plant-based Food Share hands out 50 to 65 boxes of food each week that are themed to different cultures. While the program serves all of Seattle, they focus on communities of color and prioritize partnering with POC farmers and businesses. Sandie and Bangs recently created a Patreon page in hopes of continuing their efforts and growing into a permanent space and kitchen that can act as a community center for plant-based eating, offering classes on cooking, nutrition, and gardening.

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