On August 19, new vegan brand Renegade Food will launch its first plant-based salamis on its online marketplace. The meats will be available in three, European-inspired flavors: smoked Calabrian-style Soppressata, sweet Italian Toscana, and spicy Spanish-style Chorizo. Co-founders Iona Campbell and Kalie Marder spent 10 years developing vegan versions of smoked meats they encountered while living abroad in Europe. “While plant-based meat alternatives continue to grow in popularity, the availability of premium plant-based smoked meats has been limited and underwhelming. Until now,” Campbell said. “We believe our unique approach in using whole foods and traditional smoking techniques will dramatically change perceptions at the deli counter and win over vegans and omnivores.”

The seitan-based products—which received rave reviews from hundreds of taste-testers—will be sold as a bundle ($39.75) and pairing suggestions include Miyoko’s vegan cheeses, crusty breads, and vegan wine. “Renegade salamis stand alone on a charcuterie board, make the perfect topping for a pizza, and are outstanding in a morning breakfast sandwich,” Campbell said.

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