California-based vegan cheese brand Parmela Creamery recently launched its Sharp Cheddar and Smoky Gouda Slices at Whole Foods Market nationwide. Cultured from cashew milk, the cheese slices are part of the brand’s new Batch 36 product line, which also includes Mild Cheddar, Mozzarella, Fiery Jack, and American flavors, all of which are aged up to 60 days to bring out the qualities for their particular style. The new products are sold in Parmela’s new rebranded packaging, which features royal blue and ivory colors and resealable square trays. 

“We knew Batch 36 would spread like it has. Customers want mouthwatering flavor; they want that familiar, gooey cheese from their childhood; they also want authenticity,” Parker Salomone, Chief Marketing Officer of Parmela Creamery, told VegNews. “Customers value the time-tested cheesemaking methods that we hold dear. We call it ‘aging and culturing perfected’ for a reason—because Batch 36 does both and cheese fans can’t seem to get enough.”

Last year, Parmela secured $1.25 million in seed funding led by investment firms 25Madison and Gather Ventures to expand on its vision of becoming a national leader in the plant-based cheese category.

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