In April, vegan culinary school Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery will open in Las Vegas. Local chef Mindy Poortinga—who has been running meal prep service Vegan Meals by Mindy for the last six years—partnered with fellow vegan Heather Heath to develop the new school. The partners have secured a space in downtown Las Vegas and plan to create a vegan hub for learning and eating. Cooking classes taught by guest chefs and instructors will include topics such as: Quick Healthy Snacks … That You’ll Actually Eat!, Cooking with Trader Joe’s, Making Tofu That Rocks, and more. 

More than just a school
Initially, Poortinga and Heath had planned to create a non-accredited vegan culinary school for anyone interested in signing up for fun, educational classes in person or online. But as planning progressed, they decided to offer more. The school will also have a deli counter selling favorites from Vegan Meals by Mindy, an espresso machine, and baked goods. They also plan to introduce a bike courier delivery service for deli and meal delivery orders. The school’s website will allow customers to order from the deli for delivery, schedule a weekly meal delivery, and sign up and pay for upcoming classes.

“Our school and eatery is going to be so much more than a culinary school and eatery—it’s going to be a vegan hub,” Poortinga told VegNews. “We plan on having monthly fundraising events because we are about community and are involved in animal rescue. I do senior dog hospice, volunteer at local farm sanctuaries, and recently started the LasVegan Food Bank to help feed the hungry. Heather is also very active internationally and has her own nonprofit, Willow’s Wish, that focuses on the dog and cat meat trade. We’re a business, but we’re a business that intends to get the community involved and bring them together for a good cause.”