This spring, artisan vegan butcher and delicatessen Faux Butcher will open in Nottingham, England. The plant-based butcher will serve vegan meat by size and weight, similar to a traditional butcher shop, offering items such as sticky brisket, quarter pounder hamburger patties, chicken thighs, cured pastrami, herb meatballs, and glazed pork belly. There will also be housemade vegan sandwiches, bagels, pastries, cheese, and cakes available. The shop—which features a logo of a cartoon pig with the words “I ain’t got no beef!”—will be the first vegan butcher shop in Nottingham. 

A new vegan concept

Faux Butcher founders Ritchie Stainsby and Lauren Nally also own local vegan restaurant No. Twelve. “We’ve been trialling our vegan meat alternatives in our restaurant over the past few years and decided that it would be amazing for you to be able to take them home and cook yourself,” Stainsby and Nally posted on Instagram. “Faux, just like the restaurant @no12nottingham, is entirely vegan and made with the same love, care, and focus around seasonality, locality, and creativity that happens daily in the restaurant … The concept of creating a product to look and taste like meat is alien to some. But we know that lots of us out there want to perhaps reduce our meat intake, go totally vegan, or maybe just do a meat-free Monday. Our products offer the authentic experience, with the added health benefits.”

The exact location of Faux Butcher has yet to be announced.

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