Certified Master Chef Daryl Shular has partnered with vegan brand Meatless Farm to use the brand’s products at his culinary school and restaurant, Shular Institute and Farmed Kitchen & Bar, in Atlanta, GA. The partnership aims to teach chefs in the foodservice industry to adapt recipes to be meat-free and promote creativity when making healthier, plant-based dishes. Meatless Farm offers products such as vegan ground beef and burgers and pork sausages and patties.

As part of the six-month partnership, Shular and Meatless Farm will create a series of Cook With Chef videos, pop-ups, and summer barbecue cookouts. This partnership will also include a Meatless Farm scholarship and institute competition in which Shular Institute students will have the opportunity to win scholarships to support their culinary goals.

“Teaching my students how to not only succeed but to thrive in the culinary industry is of the utmost importance to me and working with Meatless Farm will push them to reimagine traditionally meat-focused recipes so that they are healthier, not just for us as people but also for the planet,” Shular said. “Through my own experience cooking with Meatless Farm products, I find it incredible how much the texture and taste is the perfect complement to dishes I would find in fine-dining and fast-casual environments, and I can’t wait for Shular Institute students to expand their culinary horizons with it and use meatless products in our school-based restaurant Farmed Kitchen and Bar.”

Promoting plant-based eating

While this is the first partnership with a renowned American chef, Meatless Farm has collaborated with other celebrities to promote plant-based eating. Earlier this year, the brand became an official global partner of Spanish professional football team Real Madrid that included working with the team’s nutritionists to show how plant-based foods can be incorporated within a performance-based diet and the team’s players sharing their experience of reducing meat and increasing plant-based foods for both environmental and personal performance benefits.