This summer, vegan cheese brand Miyoko’s Creamery will launch perfume line Eau de Cashew Parfum exclusively in the dairy section of Whole Foods Market nationwide. Inspired by the company’s artisanal cashew-based French cheeses, Eau de Cashew Parfum will initially be available in three scents: Aged English Farmhouse (featuring the scent of a huggable rescued goat, English Breakfast tea, and cucumber finger sandwiches); Fish-Free Lox (an aromatic oceanscape with hints of soft breezes and seaside saltiness punctuated by complex aromas of kelp jerky); and Vegan Roadhouse (a nooch-forward scent with a kick of bitterness from the outrage vegans feel when Starbucks charges extra for soy milk). To celebrate the launch, Miyoko’s Creamery will be affixing scratch-and-sniff stickers on all of its cheeses to give skeptical shoppers a preview whiff of the Eau de Cashew line.

Je t’aime, fromage  

A pioneer in several vegan food categories, Miyoko’s Creamery founder Miyoko Schinner says she was ready to take her love of vegan cheese to the next level—one nobody was expecting. Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, Schinner spent two years in Grasse, France with the world’s top perfumers to create this one-of-a-kind fragrance line. Upon return to the States, the French-trained chef (and now certified perfumer) converted a corner of the Miyoko’s Creamery production plant in Petaluma, CA into a state-of-the art perfumery.

“After perfecting dairy-free cheese using traditional French cheese-making techniques, I thought, what else do the French do well? That’s how I landed on these new perfumes, which offer a certain fermented flare,” Schinner told VegNews. “Now, you can finally eat Miyoko’s vegan cheeses and smell like them, too.” 

And the company has even more up its sleeve to bring attention for the new line. The first 100 Whole Foods shoppers to purchase a bottle of Eau de Cashew will receive a free vegan deodorant crafted from Schinner’s personal reserve of extra-aged vegan cheeses. “I have been saving bits and pieces of Miyoko’s Creamery cheese wheels since 2015 and have finally found a way to share them with the public,” Schinner said. “We all know vegan deodorant makes a lot of promises it can’t keep. With Miyoko’s cheese deodorant, my only promise is that you can sprinkle it on both your pits and your pasta.” Each perfume purchase will also come with a coupon for 15¢ off any Miyoko’s Creamery product. 

More cheese, please

But it doesn’t stop there. The company plans to expand the Eau de Cashew concept with other product lines in 2021. This fall, Miyoko’s will debut Eau de Cashew Beauty (complete with soap, facial cleanser, eye serum, and hydrating body wash made from 100-percent organic cashews); Eau de Cashew non-stick cooking sprays (Original and Garlic Parm); three-gallon tubs of Eau de Cashew cheesy popcorn; and CBD-infused Eau de Cashew seltzer waters in flavors such as Mozz Pizzazz, Brie Tea, and Citrus Cheddar. For the holiday season, Miyoko’s Creamery will introduce a seasonal Eau de Cashew fragrance that features notes of Tofurky roast, mashed potatoes, and cashew nog which will be sold in a collectible 64-ounce cashew-shaped bottle exclusively at Costco. 

All proceeds from the Eau de Cashew line—which is certified vegan, cruelty-free, sugar-free, KETO, Paleo, GMO-free, gluten-free, raw, organic, and kosher (but not nut-free)—will benefit Miyoko’s newly launched “Save the Cashew Project” which provides shelter to cashews trapped in areas prone to inclement weather.

April Fool’s! While Miyoko’s Creamery isn’t really launching cashew-based perfume, or deodorant for that matter, the company is doing a lot to make dairy obsolete, including actively looking to help struggling dairy farmers get into the lucrative plant-based business. Veganism is the future!