Marshmallow brand Yummallo recently launched its new vegan marshmallows at Walmart nationwide. Traditional marshmallows are made with gelatin, which is typically derived from connective tissue found in the skin, ligaments, and tendons of pigs. Yummallo created its vegan marshmallows from  sugar, corn starch, rice protein, and vanilla. A 10-ounce bag of the vegan marshmallows—which are free from artificial colors and flavors—retails for $3.98 at Walmart. 

The brand, known for its rainbow-colored, non-vegan marshmallows and baking chips, decided to create vegan marshmallows after receiving feedback from customers. “We are known for our colorful and fun marshmallows, but our customers have been asking for a gelatin-free marshmallow from us for a while now,” Yummallo co-founder David Walker told VegNews. “We are very happy we get the chance to bring one to market at an affordable price.”

Walker said that if there is significant demand for more vegan options, the brand will develop additional animal-free products. 

Gelatin-free marshmallows 

Yummallo’s new vegan product joins a growing number of brands offering gelatin-free marshmallows, including Trader Joe’s, but by far the most popular brand to date is Dandies by Chicago Vegan Foods. Dandies vanilla-flavored marshmallows are available in large and mini sizes and come in seasonal flavors such as pumpkin and peppermint. Though the brand is sold primarily in the US and Canada, late last year Dandies expanded overseas at all ASDA stores in the United Kingdom

In addition to Dandies, ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s created its own vegan marshmallow swirl in order to veganize one of its classic flavors, Phish Food, which it first launched in honor of legendary band Phish in 1997. The vegan version, which launched earlier this year, is made with almond milk and includes the same indulgent mix-ins, such as fudgey fish-shaped chocolate pieces, caramel swirls, and vegan marshmallow swirls. 

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