New York is the best state in the United States for vegan dating, according to vegan and vegetarian dating app Veggly. The app recently released new data that shows New York taking the top spot with the highest number of users in relation to population, with 787 users per million. 

The second state on the list is Virginia, with the second highest number of users in relation to population at 377 Veggly users  for every million people in the state. Following closely behind with 341 users per million is California. The West Coast state also has the most users of any state in the country, with a total of 10,729 Veggly users. The top 10 states for vegan dating also include New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 


Vegan dating worldwide

Launched in 2017 in the Apple App store, Veggly is modeled after dating app Tinder and includes similar features such as the ability to like a potential match, and if that person likes you back, you have a Veg-Match and can start chatting. The app also allows users to sort potential matches by distance, new users, and last online status. 

In the last two years alone, Veggly has grown rapidly, now reaching over 450,000 global users, including in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Korea, and Spain. Last year, the app reported that its number of members quadrupled from 3,300 to 12,100 in just six months. This growth is due, in part, to vegan volunteers around the world who have helped translate the app into different languages such as Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish, Korean, and Polish. However, the US still boasts the highest number of Veggly users in one country, with 78,662. The growth in the US alone has doubled since last year. 

“The ‘Empire State’ is the best place to be if you’re an American vegan looking for love these days. But it’s not the only place—we are seeing strong growth across the whole country, with many new hotspots popping up,” Veggly founder Alex Felipelli said. “It’s great to see such a wide spread from east to west, and north to south. Even Texas is on the rise—it just missed out on the top 10, ranking at number 11 this time, with 187 users per million. If veganism can grow in Texas, it can grow anywhere.”


UK top country for vegan dating

Earlier this year, Veggly announced that the United Kingdom is the best country in the world for vegan dating for a second year in a row with nearly 700 users per million people in the country. The Netherlands is close behind the UK with the second highest number of users in relation to population (601 users per million people). Germany places third thanks to a strong user base of 46,375, which means there are nearly 560 Veggly users per million people in the country. Spain is fourth with a figure of 435 users per million.

Though the US boasts the highest number of Veggly users, it has a much higher population than the UK (328 million vs 67 million), so it scores lower on the ranking list. Meat-centric Brazil has the second most users overall with over 51,000.

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