Beauty geeks have been hitting Sephora to stock their makeup drawers with hip beauty finds for years, but did you know drugstores such as iconic Canadian chain Shoppers Drug Mart carry brands that are vegan and cruelty-free, too? We know it can be difficult to decipher which products are cruelty-free and vegan, so we’ve narrowed down the list for you. Whether you’re looking for frugal finds or more luxurious items, here’s a look at five brands you may not know you needed in your life—until now.


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1. Cake Beauty
The creative minds behind the deliciously named Cake Beauty brand believe nobody should have to choose between high-performing natural ingredients and fun, accessible beauty. With products ranging from haircare to skincare, all formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and talc, Cake Beauty is known for its heavenly fragrances and luxurious textures, and is made in Canada (where it was created) and the United Kingdom. You can find Cake Beauty’s Delectable line at Shoppers, including their best-selling Lemon & Cream Triple Moisture Body Lotion. Cake Beauty recently launched in United States retail chains such as Rite Aid, too.


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2. Manic Panic
This iconic New York brand has been brightly coloring heads of hair with its vivid rainbow semi-permanent dyes for decades. Manic Panic hair color does not contain harmful chemicals, instead relying on natural vegan dyes that are gentle. The brand’s proud motto, “Tested On Celebrities, Not Animals,” is accurate. Celebrity fans abound—such as Jared Leto, who has documented his love for Manic Panic’s classic Red Passion Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream on Instagram. Leto’s team turned to Manic Panic to create his signature green when playing the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and Margot Robbie’s blue and pink pigtails as Harley Quinn in the same film. Hey, if Manic Panic’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Cotton Candy is good enough for Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner, why not give it a whirl, too?


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3. Sukin
This Australian-made skincare brand is committed to striking the perfect balance between sustainably sourced, natural ingredients and affordability. Sukin products are 98.8-percent naturally derived, and non-GMO. This environmentally conscious company is committed to protecting local rivers, aquatic life, and the Great Barrier Reef, and all its products are biodegradable and use recyclable packaging. The company is also carbon neutral, meaning they offset the carbon emissions they produce. Those with thirsty but sensitive skin will appreciate the Sensitive Cleansing Lotion, or try the quick-drying, non-greasy Sunless Bronzing Gel to get the glow without the sun damage.


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4. Attitude
Attitude makes a full line of natural body care and cleaning products, including shampoos and conditioners for every hair type, rich body cream, hand soap, and household cleaners. The team at Attitude believes in the beauty of the world and the power of science. Have dull, dry, or otherwise thirsty hair that you wished smelled like guava and berries? Check out Attitude’s deeply hydrating Super Leaves Moisture Rich Conditioner. It’s Environmental Working Group-verified, hypoallergenic- and dermatologically-tested, and formulated with jojoba proteins to nourish, repair, moisturize, and protect hair. It also contains moringa seed extract, which is known for its anti-pollution properties, and quinoa, which is rich in lysine and promotes hair growth and repair—proving this ancient grain is not just for breakfast.


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5. Pai Skincare
Pai is a company that demands outstanding performance without sacrificing its values—and Pai is serious about being kind to animals. In fact, you can read their thoughtful stance on the subject on their website. Looking for a cruelty-free option to combat dry, sensitive skin? Pai’s Back to Life Hydration Serum combats dehydration while being gentle. Specifically formulated for sensitive and eczema-prone skin, this amazing serum is designed to provide hydration without irritation.

Marika Collins is a writer, editor, and photographer in search of the perfect doughnut and her next cup of coffee.

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