7 Ways to Veganize Your Bed, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

7 Ways to Veganize Your Bed, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Designing the perfect romantic bed for you and your partner is a surefire way to have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we all know that a heart-shaped box of chocolates and flowers are the standard gifts. However, this year, shake things up a bit by giving the gift of true romance: a beautifully styled bed for that special “ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom” night. That said, perhaps you aren’t an expert on vegan bedding and furniture. If that’s the case, don’t worry, because we’re here to help you create a fabulous bed featuring all the latest and greatest cruelty-free offerings. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Cover yourself
What sets the mood better than a beautiful bed cover that shows two elephants with their trunks intertwined? If you’re an animal lover (and we know you are), nothing! With this in mind, head to Amazon.com for a polyester and polyester-blend duvet cover featuring two embracing elephants. Then, impress your loved one with that knowledge that elephants snuggle just like humans do.

2. Don’t forget your fruit
Did you know that red wine is nature’s Viagra? It’s true, as fruit can help erectile dysfunction. Also, wine is delicious! And, if you’re like us, you think there’s no better way to enjoy a glass of vino than sipping from BigMouth Inc.’s dog-inspired wine glass. Place two of these unique glasses next to your bed with a great bottle of red wine to begin the night’s festivities.

3. Make the jokes
We all know that humor is sexy, which is why we recommend this 100-percent cotton, 300- thread-count, hilarious pillowcase covers that read, “There is no one else I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to …” If that doesn’t get the giggles going, we don’t know what will.

4. Have some pillow talk
Speaking of pillows, Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without heart-shaped pillows on which to lean while sipping that wine in your chic vegan bed. So, add a dash of red with these throw pillows, which just so happen to be the perfect size (15’’ x 12’’) for cuddling next to your favorite warm body.

5. Light the candles
Romance without candles is like peanut butter without jelly, which is why we’re loving these blue-pine-scented soy candles that burn cleanly for up to 60 hours. If all goes well on Valentine’s Day, you’ll need these for at least that amount of time.

6. Top your mattress
Having a sexy night is nearly impossible if your mattress is lumpy and as hard as a concrete slab. In fact, studies show that balanced touch in every part of the mattress is important for a great romp. Luckily, these two-inch-thick mattress toppers can get the job done without having to spend a fortune on a new mattress. Even better? They’re certified organic and made from natural latex, which makes them ideal for those loved ones who suffer from allergies.

7. Don’t forget your furry friends
Now that you’ve created this incredibly romantic bed, how are you going to keep your companion animals from hopping onto your mattress? Answer: a faux-fur doughnut bed that is so incredibly comfortable that he or she won’t want to leave it. Even better? This bed is machine-washable and has a water-resistant bottom.

Deborah DiMare is the founder of a 100-percent vegan luxury interior design company DiMare Design and VeganDesign.org, a resource for shopping vegan furniture and learning about the emerging world of vegan interior design.

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