Chefs Panic as California’s Ban on Foie Gras Looms

The ban, which prohibits the sale and production of the controversial food, goes into effect July 1.

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With California’s ban on foie gras rapidly approaching, local chefs are conceiving of ways to circumvent the impending legislation, which goes into effect July 1. In addition to identifying potential loopholes that will allow them to continue serving foie gras, several chefs are hoping to get the ban repealed next year. Foie gras—the engorged livers of ducks and geese, achieved through force-feeding—was outlawed in Chicago in 2006, only to have the decision reversed two years later. While animal-welfare advocates hope the California ban will endure, some are hoping to get a ban implemented nationwide. In May, several organizations filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Agriculture, alleging that foie gras violates consumer-safety laws that prohibit diseased poultry from entering the food supply.

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