Earth Balance Named “Company of the Year”

From mac & cheese, cheddar puffs, and vegan Cheez-Its, Earth Balance does vegan right.


This year Earth Balance turned 16 and what a sweet year it was! The company that first brought us Original Buttery Spread (way back in the last millennium) has continued to consistently introduce one new great vegan product after another, from Baking Sticks to Dressings, Soy Milk to Nut Butters. Then it was 2014 and not one, but two, new “must-have” SKUs were launched that knocked our socks right off. First it was Cheddar Flavor Mac & Cheese, which, if nostalgia had a taste, this would be it—free from junk food guilt. And speaking of yesterday, all we can say about EB’s Cheddar Flavor Squares is: Why hadn’t anyone veganized these until now? They are indistinguishable from the nips you recall from your pre-vegan days and just as addictive. Thank you, Earth Balance, for making vegan life a lot easier. We can’t wait to see what you bring us next.

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