Egg Prices Double Due to Avian Flu Outbreak

For the first time ever, eggs are more expensive than chicken.

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The avian bird flu—which has spread across 21 US states since December 2014—has for the first time on record driven the cost of chicken eggs higher than chicken breasts on a protein-per-dollar basis, according to Quartz. In supermarkets throughout the nation, 100 grams of chicken egg protein cost slightly less than $3 while the same amount of chicken breast protein costs slightly more than $2.60. In comparison, 100 grams of protein from roasted soybeans starts at approximately $2.00. No wonder major companies from General Mills to 7-Eleven are seeking to replace their eggs with cheaper, more sustainable plant-based options. The US Department of Agriculture reports that more than 48 million birds have been killed in attempts to curb the outbreak, of which 71 percent (34 million) are egg-laying hens.

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