Group Exposes Inhumane Treatment of Taiwanese Cows

Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan has released a new video depicting the abuse of cows at slaughterhouses.

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New footage has emerged of cow abuse at several Taiwanese slaughterhouses, Taipei Times reports. The seven-minute video, captured by local animal-welfare organization Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan, shows workers beating and tying up cows, as well as pumping their stomachs full of excess amounts of water—a practice attributed to workers’ attempts to alleviate dehydration or enable the swift separation of skin from meat. EAST Director Chen Yu-min says the group plans to bring criminal charges against the slaughterhouses, which she says acted in violation of animal-cruelty and consumer-protection laws. EAST will also take legal action against the country’s Council of Agriculture, after the agency failed to take action despite two formal complaints about slaughterhouse activity.

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