6 Vegan-Friendly Cat Cafés Where You Can Celebrate International Cat Day

Cats, coffee, and cruelty-free food? We must be dreaming.


Although there seems to be one in every city, cat cafés in the United States are a relatively new concept. Unlike going to an animal shelter to adopt a feline, these businesses allow potential adopters to interact with several cats in a designated room attached to the café. Typically, the cafés charge an hourly fee to play with the cats, which goes towards the felines’ care. Not only is this experience fun for the customer but it’s also important for the cats because it gets them accustomed to human interaction, which, in turn, helps them feel safe and secure in their forever homes. With so many cat cafés opening around the country, and because it’s National Cat Day, we’re highlighting six vegan-friendly cat cafés where visitors can enjoy a dairy-free treat while seeing some adorable felines. Keep in mind that many of these places require—or at least strongly recommend—making a reservation, so be sure to plan ahead if you want to play with the kitties. Maybe you’ll leave with a new best friend!
1. Kawaii Kitty Cafe
Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese, and this Philadelphia cat café shows its kawaii aesthetic through not only its drinks but also the pink, lilac, and Hello Kitty-themed art that adorns the walls. Hang out with adorable adoptable cats while sipping on a vegan Unicorn Cocoa with pink whipped cream, grab a vegan Kawaii Kitty Cafe Milkshake with a colorful chocolate sprinkle rim, or enjoy a vegan purple bubble tea. Chow down on one of the numerous bagel options, including vegan cream cheese and vegan whitefish from Miss Rachel’s Pantry, or share a vegan Kawaii Sundae topped with cotton candy and marshmallows.
2. Morgan’s Cat Café
Located in Red Hook, NY, Morgan’s is an all-vegan cat café, so no need to second-guess what you’re ordering. The eatery’s Asian-inspired menu includes items such as Asian Guacamole, Cold Noodle Salad, and an Asian Slaw Burger. And, for dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with a Coconut Layer Cake or the Cat-shaped Cookie. Morgan’s also offers fun events such as cat rescue training and cat lovers’ singles nights. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the vegan cat lover of your dreams.
3. Blue Cat Café
Austin, Texas is home to vegan cat café Blue Cat Café, where visitors can hang with cool cats and get some punny food (such as the BBQ Briscat Sandwich or the Alley Cat Tacos). Wash down that plant-based grub with drinks like the Cinnful Kitty, the Caramel Meowcchiato, or the seasonal Pumpkitten Spice Latte. If you like yoga, be sure to check out the Kitty Yoga class on Sundays, but be prepared to share your mat with some adorable kitties.
4. Eat Purr Love Cat Café
Although this Columbus, OH café allows guests to bring their own food and beverages, there’s no need to because all of its yummy treats are cruelty-free! Supplied by local bakery Pattycake Bakery, food and drink options include lattes, hot chocolate, cupcakes, brownies, and whoopie pies. When you’re done eating, be sure to check out Purrs & Palettes, a two-hour painting class held every third Thursday of the month.
5. Cat Therapy
This Santa Barbara, CA cat café allows guests to nourish their bodies and souls while enjoying cat cuddles with a nutritious smoothie, a refreshing Brazilian juice, or a wholesome açaí bowl. Continuing with the healthy theme, Cat Therapy also offers feline yoga every Wednesday and Sunday. Try not to get jealous when a kitty shows you up in cat pose: remember—they’ve had more practice.
6. Cat Town
Oakland’s Cat Town has been open since 2011 and bears the distinction of being the first cat café in the United States. While there, purchase a pour-over coffee from the “wet food” menu and a bagel with vegan cream cheese from the “dry food” menu to bring with you into the Cat Zone, where you’ll meet upwards of 20 felines. Cat Town also sells plant-based treats such as homemade Pop-Tarts and vegan brownies. Even better: if you’re interesting in fostering a cat, the café also runs a fostering program.
Perri Lerner is a freelance writer eating her way around Portland, OR.

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