In recent years, Americans have increasingly sought to spend their summer vacations exploring Europe. Last year alone, the number of US tourists visiting the continent surged by 55 percent compared to 2022. While many travelers set their sights on popular destinations like Paris, Dublin, Athens, Lisbon, and Amsterdam, the timeless allure of Rome remains a top choice.

Founded back in 625 BC, Italy’s capital is a treasure trove of history, and top landmarks like the Colosseum and the Pantheon are must-visits. But Rome is also filled with culinary delights—many of which are vegan. If you’re heading to the Eternal City this summer (or you’re simply planning your dream vacation, date TBD), then here are a few of the vegan-friendly restaurants you need to add to your must-eat list.

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Is Rome a good place for vegans?

When you think of Italian cuisine, cheese-heavy pizzas and cured meats likely come to mind. But actually, many traditional dishes are vegan-friendly by default, and if you head into any Roman restaurant, you’re likely to find them on the menu.

Twisting spaghettiPexels

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Take bruschetta, for example, which often consists of grilled bread, garlic, olive oil, and tomatoes—a simple yet flavorful appetizer. Another classic is aglio e olio, a pasta dish featuring garlic and olive oil. You can also enjoy pizza marinara, a staple across Italy, which is topped with just savory tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, and olive oil, proving that simplicity can be incredibly satisfying.

But if you want even more choice, then Rome has plenty of restaurants offering vegan meats and cheeses, too. Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of our top picks. Buon appetito!

8 vegan-friendly restaurants in Rome

Heading to Rome? Be sure to stop by these eight vegan-friendly restaurants. 

Pizza and Beer restaurantBuddy

1 Buddy

Located in the heart of Rome, Buddy specializes in traditional Roman cuisine made vegan. Choose from dishes like vegan carbonara, which is loaded with vegan bacon and vegan pecorino cheese, and Pizza 4, which features four different types of dairy-free cheese. For dessert, it has to be the Vegan Classic Tiramisu.
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2 Ecru

Raw restaurant Ecru’s menu changes with the seasons, but you can always expect to find natural, health-focused, minimally processed meals on the menu, all of which are bursting with flavor. A few examples of what you might find right now: Zucchini Spaghetti with Basil Pesto, Cucumber Avocado Tartar, and Sushi Rolls.
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PastaRomeow Cat Bistrot

3 Romeow Cat Bistrot

Who doesn’t love to eat their meal surrounded by fluffy felines? At this Roman cat café, you can indulge in a delicious season-influenced menu (boasting dishes like vegetable cheeses and jackfruit marinara) while you enjoy the sight of eight adorable rescue cats sleeping, jumping, and generally just living their best lives.
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LasagnaCol Cavolo

4 Col Cavolo

This sweet bistro is 100 percent vegan. All the dishes are lovingly homemade and delicious, but the lasagna, in particular, is a standout menu choice. For dessert, good luck choosing between mouthwatering classics like cheesecake, crostata, and tiramisu.
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Purple BurgerFlower Burger

5 Flower Burger

If you’ve had a busy day sightseeing and you want something quick, head to Flower Burger. The Italian vegan burger chain has two locations in Rome, but the spot on Via dei Gracchi is closest to the action (it’s less than a 15-minute walk from Castel Sant’Angelo, for example). Choose from vibrant, tasty options like the Bloom Burger (complete with a lilac bun and potato and green bean burger) and Jungle BBQ (with a green bun and an oat and bean burger).
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Italian foodIl Margutta

6 Il Margutta

This popular, sophisticated vegetarian restaurant is located in the center of Rome, and has plenty of dairy-free options to choose from. Try the Seitan Paillard, for example, which is served with wild salad and lemon citronette. You also can’t leave without treating yourself to one of Il Margutta’s indulgent vegan cheese platters.
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Vegan carbonara@stefano_sacchi_fotografo

7 Rifugio Romano

Rifugio Romano has been totally vegan since March 2023. The menu (which some Happy Cow reviewers have called  “astonishingly good”) boasts a wide range of plant-based choices, including Vegan Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Vegan, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, and Vegan Tagliatelle al Ragu.
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Burgers against colorful backgroundImpact Food

8 Impact Food

Sometimes, you just want fast food. If you’re in the mood for something quick, delicious, sustainable, and totally vegan, head to Impact Food. The plant-based joint serves a variety of the fast food classics, including onion rings, crispy tenders, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and plenty of meaty burgers.

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