Although it should be fun and simple, sprucing up your home with holiday decorations is often tedious and expensive. Luckily, we’re certain that you’ve got an array of materials lying around your house that are easily altered into the sort of holiday flare that’ll make your neighbors wish they hadn’t spent all that time searching for a Christmas tree.

Thanks to our seven DIY ideas, you can convert everyday items such as old books, grocery store bags, and tea into unique décor like goodie-filled stockings and colorful tablecloths.


Book tree
Rather than cutting down a gorgeous tree, take an old book and turn those pages into something beautiful. Fold the top of each corner into the spine and repeat until you have what looks like a little tree. Bind the covers with hot glue, spray it green, and you’ve got something more useful than that Paleo book your uncle gave you last Christmas.

Holiday centerpiece
Who says Halloween has to hog all the pumpkin-carving fun? Grab a sugar pumpkin and slice it like a righteous vegetable butcher. Insert a soy candle, and your table centerpiece is complete. Plus, the pulpy insides make for great morning oatmeal mix-ins, the seeds are a nutritious snack (especially when coated in maple syrup, baked, and served with a pinch of salt), and you can never go wrong with using fresh pumpkin in pie.

Shapely snowperson
We don’t know about you, but we’ve noticed that nut milk containers are getting much sexier. Califia Farms started the curvy container trend, which transforms nicely to help create full-bottomed snow people. Just drink (we suggest the seasonal nog), wash, spray paint it white, draw on the eyes, and attach a baby carrot for a nose.

Popcorn garland
For a vegan version of an age-old holiday tradition, combine Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs and freeze-dried strawberries on a thread. This delicious decoration will be as beautiful going up on your tree as it will be going into your belly after the holidays wind down.

Grocery bag stocking
Nail a dilapidated grocery store bag to your mantel, gather plenty of vegan goodies (such as Peppermint Joe Joe’s, chocolate caramels, and avocados), and stuff those totes until your heart’s content. Nobody will miss the felt stockings, we promise.

Kale wreath
Weave those green superfood branches together until you have something that resembles a holiday wreath, pin a few cranberries into it intermittently, hang it on your door, and—voila!—you’ve got yourself the most vegan Christmas decoration on the block. Is your house going to attract birds and squirrels? Perhaps. But you’ll be on your way to a nice green salad once the holidays have passed.

Tea tablecloth
We’ve all made a tea impulse buy. Maybe it was some concoction promising to bring peace to your busy mornings or something made from a leaf or branch you’re not sure actually exists. Well, this decor allows you to take that disgusting tea and transform it into something useful. Start by rubber banding sections of a white cotton table cloth, and then dip them into brewed tea. The result is a vintage tablecloth with a rustic appeal that makes you feel like you’ve made the best use of a bad tea—without ever having to drink it.

Photo courtesy of A Blissful Nest

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