Mainstream Mondays!

VegNews editors bring you last week’s most interesting vegan stories from the most unlikely of sources.


The internet is abuzz with vegan activity, often from sources you wouldn’t expect. Whether it’s veg recipes featured on Yahoo!, the Buzzfeed staff going vegan for a week, or TIME raving about nutritional yeast, we love the growing presence of veganism in its various online permutations. With so much attention placed on cruelty-free living, we’ve decided to round-up the best vegan stories from around the web in a weekly feature we’re calling Mainstream Mondays.
Without further adieu, we give you this week’s Mainstream Mondays lineup!
>>Dinner is served
What’s for dinner Meatless Monday dinner? The Kitchn’s feasting on Vegan Cauliflower Chickpea Curry
>>Thanksgiving main dish
Popsugar shares a vegan thanksgiving recipe by Los Angeles chef Tal Ronnen 
>>Miso swap
Serious Eats touts the flavorful benefits of swapping Parmesan cheese for miso in an umami-packed risotto recipe
>>Vegan food pyramid
The Daily Meal outlines what you should eat on a vegan diet
>>Chocolate pie
The New York Times features a Mexican chocolate pie recipe we’re dying to make
>>Sushi time!
The Gazette goes on an all-vegan sushi tour around Colorado Springs

>>Can’t miss dish
Men’s Health showcases Cauliflower with Kale Pesto—a hearty meal fit for a king