Startup Debuts New Vegan Food for Cats and Dogs

Because Animals uses algae to create animal-free supplements for cats and dogs, and plans to debut companion-animal food made with clean meat once the slaughter-free product is available.


Philadelphia-based startup Because Animals recently launched its first animal-free product, a food supplement for cats and dogs. The brand—which aims to make “nutritious, sustainable, and cruelty-free pet food”—was founded by Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett, who met while volunteering at the same cat rescue charity in Toronto, Canada. “Cats and dogs need nutrients, not ingredients, and we can find all the nutrients pets need from non-animal sources,” Falconer told VegNews. “This is evidenced by meat-free hypoallergenic pet food. The most common food allergen for pets is animal protein, such as from chicken and beef.” The brand’s algae-based pet supplement is made with a combination of marine- and land-derived superfoods designed to provide the nutrients missing from most commercial companion-animal foods. Because Animals will also release new products featuring clean meat—meat grown in a laboratory setting from a small amount of animal cells—once it develops the slaughter-free product. “This summer, we have a nutrient-rich and super-tasty dog treat coming out that includes cultured protein,” Errett said. Because Animals joins other brands such as Wild Earth and Bond Pet Foods that plan to use innovative clean meat to create food for companion animals.

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