Movie of the Year: Cowspiracy

Documentary exposes hypocrisy of environmental groups that ignore animal agriculture.


Each year VegNews awards two sets of Veggie Awards: Readers’ Favorites and Editors’ Picks. A complete list of 2014 readers’ poll selections can be seen here. Today, we announce the first of the “Big 8,” those Editors’ Picks we give out every year that mark significant milestones in veganism. The “Big 8” include:

Person of the Year

Restaurant of the Year

Company of the Year

Product of the Year

Book of the Year

Cookbook of the Year

Movie of the Year

Non-Profit of the Year

We will annouce these awards, along with select other Veggie Awards honoring unique happenings from 2014, throughout the remainder of December. 

The first of the 2014 Editors’ Picks — Movie of the Year — goes to Cowspiracy

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is the film many mainstream environmental organizations do not want you to see. The groundbreaking documentary follows a fearless environmentalist as he uncovers the one industry that is destroying the planet more than any other (animal agriculture) and investigates why the world’s leading environmental nonprofits are too afraid to talk about it (donors). No other industry comes close to the devastating, negative, and harmful environmental impact of factory farming, yet it persists, almost entirely unchallenged. Cowspiracy’s filmmakers met tremendous challenges every step of the way due to what was perceived as the documentary’s controversial subject matter. The film is as enlightening as An Inconvenient Truth, as impactful as Blackfish, and clearly demonstrates why you are not truly an environmentalist if you still consume meat and dairy products.

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