PETA Extends Deadline for Lab-Grown Meat Contest

The animal-welfare organization has pushed back the deadline in an effort to give scientists more time for research.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has announced it is extending the deadline for its in-vitro chicken competition, in the absence of viable contenders. The organization caused quite a stir when it first unveiled the contest four years ago, offering $1 million to the first scientist to successfully produce slaughter-free chicken meat in a laboratory. Though it had initially proposed a deadline of June 30, 2012, PETA has decided to extend it until 2013 to ensure that researchers are given adequate time to complete the project. Several scientists have already made significant advances in the realm of in-vitro meat research, with University of Missouri and Modern Meadow scientist Gabor Forgacs poised to win the reward for his tissue-engineered product.

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