Costco Sells 1 Million Vegan Burgers in 60 Days

Don Lee Farms’ organic plant-based burger exceeded sales expectations and will soon be available in restaurants and the brand’s other partner stores.


California food company Don Lee Farms’ vegan Organic Plant-Based Burger sold 1 million units in less than 60 days at Costco, making it the fastest growing product in its category at the big-box store. “Interest in our Organic Plant-Based Burger has just exploded,” Don Lee Farms President Donald Goodman said. “We are just keeping up with demand and are implementing plans to expand distribution every week.” The brand launched its plant-based burger—that “bleeds” thanks to beet juice—at Costco in February and plans to expand its distribution to other retail outlets and restaurants in coming months. “Having sold a million burgers this quickly has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” Goodman said. “The excitement around this burger has been overwhelming.” Meatless burgers that mimic their animal counterparts using plant-based ingredients, such as those from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, have expanded distribution exponentially since launching and are now available at chains such as TGI Fridays, Umami Burger, Bareburger, and a growing list of international restaurants.

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