Israeli Salami Brand Debuts Vegan Meat Line

Food company Soglowek will donate 20 percent of its profits from the new plant-based line to support the efforts of SuperMeat—an Israeli company working to develop slaughter-free meat.


Israel-based food company Soglowek recently launched a line of plant-based meat products. The brand–known for its salami, kosher products, and vegetarian food—now sells vegan sausage, burgers, and breaded fillets in packages that display the logo of fellow Israel-based company SuperMeat. Soglowek will donate 20 percent of its profits from the new line to support the clean-meat company, which is working to develop a slaughter-free alternative to animal meat. “I was born to a family of butchers, spending time in slaughterhouses since the age of 5,” Soglowek CEO Eli Soglowek said. “Despite that, I love dogs, horses, and also cows very much and would like to transition to eating cultured meat that is produced by machines using stem cells taken from real animals without causing harm to the animals and without polluting the planet.” SuperMeat secured $3 million in seed capital in January from several investors, including Europe’s largest producer of poultry, PHW-Gruppe, and signed a trade deal last year to import its slaughter-free meat technology to China. “I would like to invest time and money to do to the meat industry what Elon Musk is doing to the automobile industry,” Soglowek said.

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