New Vegan Sushi Brand Debuts at London Grocery Chain

Family-owned vegan brand Ima’s sushi burritos, rolls, and sashimi will be available at all seven locations of Planet Organic stores in June.

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United Kingdom-based brand Ima will launch its vegan sushi meals at all seven locations of London grocery chain Planet Organic in June. The brand was founded by Jessica Chan and her father, Philip, who hand-roll each piece of Ima’s sushi which features its signature pink-hued rice in rolls such as The Happy One (hoisin-glazed mock duck, cucumber, and sesame seeds) and burritos such as The Extraordinary One (katsu tempeh, chili sauce, and avocado). Ima—which sells its sushi in biodegradable trays—also created a carrot-based salmon alternative The Surprising One, a combination meal with salmon nigiri and maki rolls. Stateside, vegan brand Ocean Hugger Foods recently expanded its vegan tuna alternative “Ahimi” (made with marinated tomatoes) to the sushi cases of 40 Whole Foods Market stores and is currently developing “Sakimi” (carrot-based salmon) and “Unami” (eggplant-based eel).

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