UK Chain Creates Vegan Baileys Almande Doughnut

Sweets shop Doughnut Time recently launched several limited-edition vegan treats: a doughnut made with Baileys Almande glaze and a “freakshake” featuring the almond milk-based liqueur.

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British chain Doughnut Time will offer several treats crafted with vegan Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur for a limited time. The Baileys Almande x Doughnut Time vegan doughnut—which features a Baileys Almande glaze and freeze-dried nuts and fruit—is available for one week at the chain’s London locations. The Baileys Almande x Doughnut Time freakshake (which will be available at London’s Balance Festival from May 11 to 13) is made with cold-pressed coffee, a choice of milk, and topped with vegan whipped cream and a Baileys Almande vegan doughnut. Baileys initially launched almond milk-based Almande in 2016 and reformulated the beverage to be vegan-certified (after detecting trace amounts of beeswax) in 2017. Other vegan options at Doughnut Time include raspberry plum jam-filled doughnut Pump Up the Jam, chocolate-brownie topped doughnut Cornelius Fudge, and Houston We Have Biscoff—a coffee-glazed doughnut topped with a caramel buttercream and a Lotus biscoff cookie.

Photo courtesy of Metro UK

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