10 Downright Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Follow up your appetizers and entrées with a sensational, dairy-free dessert menu that’s unique and satisfying.


The main course may be the main attraction at your Thanksgiving feast, but dessert is of the upmost importance. A sensationally sweet spread of delicious pies, pastries, cakes, and confections is the perfect way to round out your evening of food, fun, family, and friends. If you’re looking for a dessert menu that won’t disappoint, we’ve got you covered—from the simple and satisfying to the extravagantly excessive, here are 10 oh-so-sweet Thanksgiving dishes that are sure to shine at your holiday soiree.

1. Pumpkin Pie Truffles
Allyson Kramer’s gluten-free Pumpkin Pie Truffles are rich and tasty, and these flavorful chocolates could be a fun project to keep the kids busy while the adults get their cooking on. You can’t go wrong with chocolate, ever.

2. Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting
While we think sweet potato is just about perfect as is, what harm could adding fluffy, creamy marshmallow topping do, right? A common side dish on the Thanksgiving table, dessert genius Chocolate Covered Katie has whipped it into cupcake form, and we approve.

3. Pumpkin Pie Spice Nog Pancakes
Some may technically call this a breakfast food rather than dessert, but we think a tall stack of Vegan Richa’s Pumpkin Pie Spice-Nog pancakes, rich with coconut milk and drizzled with warm maple syrup, counts as dessert. Serve it up for Thanksgiving breakfast for a full day of decadence!

4. Raw Autumn Sunset Cake
For a colorful Thanksgiving tabletop, we suggest this Autumn Sunset Dream Cake from vegan blog Fragrant Vanilla Cake. It’s decorated with a swirl of bright colors and includes a medley of raw ingredients––shredded coconuts, medjool dates, raw sweet potatoes, fresh ginger, and juicy cranberries––that give this treat a health twist.

5. Autumn Apple Crisp
Nothing screams autumn dessert like warm apple crisp! Gluten-free food blog Meaningful Eats has the perfect allergen- and dairy-free brown sugar apple crisp, topped with gluten-free oats. We think it’d pair nicely with a scoop of vegan ice cream. Don’t you think?

6. Grilled Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Sandwich
We know what you’re thinking––how could a sandwich constitute as dessert? Well, if the sandwich in question is filled with delectable dark chocolate and dotted with sweet, juicy bursts of pomegranate seeds, we declare it dessert––one that we want on our plates, now. Thanks Minimalist Baker for this treat of maximum deliciousness!

7. Raw Pumpkin Spice Hazlenut Nog
How about a sweet sip or two of a dessert drink to complement your cake? Cue Rawmazing’s Pumpkin Spice Hazlenut Nog. Eggnog may be all the holiday rage, but this thick pumpkin- and hazlenut-based libation may change that.

8. Double Layer Chocolate Cake
For the traditionalist out there (hi, mom), we’ve found the most beautiful vegan double-layer chocolate cake with dairy-free buttercream-coffee frosting from super sassy recipe blog, Hell Yeah! It’s Vegan. They’ve crafted perfectly scalloped-edges onto the round, moist chocolate cake that even Aunt Betty would be proud of.

9. Raw Cranberry Walnut Tart
Vegan blog The Sweet Life has captured all the colors of Thanksgiving in this stunning Raw Cranberry Walnut Tart. Walnuts, coconuts, and dates make up the crumble crust, while cranberries, orange juice, vanilla, cinnamon, and nuts make up the sweet, rich filling. No baking necessary!

10. Healthy Pumpkin Pie
On our holiday tables, pumpkin pie is a must, and if it can be made healthy, all the better. Chocolate Covered Katie’s autumnal creation provides all the ooey gooey goodness of piping hot holiday pie minus (some of) the calorie-guilt and without any of the sugar (thanks, Stevia!), soy, or gluten. We’ll take two slices, and one to-go!

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