There’s nothing like the sweet inspiration of masterfully made chocolate to brighten drab days under the fluorescent lights of your humdrum office. Office Chocolate Day is October 20, bringing an awesome opportunity to win over omnivorous coworkers by giving them decadent, cruelty-free treats. Stock up on chocolates from these plant-based brands, and use this special day to convert colleagues to the plant side, using the sweetest form of vegan activism imaginable.


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1. BON Chocolatier
Who couldn’t use a rainbow to brighten a long, paperwork-filled day at the office? These multi-colored chocolates from BON Chocolatier come in creative flavors including puff quinoa praline, fluffy marshmallow vanilla, strawberry thyme, basil lemon, and blackcurrant French lavender to make your coworker’s life more colorful.


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2. Lagusta’s Luscious
We can’t help falling in love with Lagusta’s Lucious, offering gorgeous artisanal chocolates created by chocolatier and activist Lagusta Yearwood. From beautiful barks to handcrafted truffles, you will be on your department’s good side once you hand out these spectacular (and ethically sourced) goodies.


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3. Raw Chocolate Love
For something your receptionist can toss in their tote bag, try a bar from Raw Chocolate Love. These petite chocolate treats in flavors including Sea Salt Love and Espresso Love are wrapped-up and ready to be brought home for an after-work snack.


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4. Rescue Chocolate
On a drab day at the office, your co-worker will surely appreciate a bar of sweet and spicy Rescue Chocolate in Pick Me Up Pepper. Proceeds from all purchases are donated to animal rescues, so you’ll be boosting your colleague’s karma as you satisfy their sweet tooth.


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5. ChocBox
Gorgeous ChocBox chocolates are 100 percent handmade and only sold in zero-waste shops (and available online). In flavors including dark chocolate with raspberry, and white chocolate coconut, you’ll charm everyone in the break room with these cruelty-free, refined sugar-free, and ethically sourced sweets.


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6. Rawnaissance
If you’re looking for a promotion, you can’t go wrong with gifting your supervisor chocolates from Rawnaissance Desserts. This all-raw and organic chocolatier offers indulgent treats including white chocolate-covered coffee bean pieces, formed and hand-painted to look like a rose bud.


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7. Jon Good Chocolates
No office is complete without the resident outer space movie geek, and Jon Good Chocolates has you covered. Transport over to your favorite nerd’s desk and offer them a handcrafted chocolate spaceship. You’ll be spreading a sweet vegan message while you create peace in the universe.


Maya Gottfried is the Digital Editor for VegNews and author of the books Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal and Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary.

Photo courtesy of Lagusta’s Luscious

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