The Top 15 Vegan Stories of 2015

Want to know the hottest vegan lifestyle stories of 2015? Here are your top 15 favorite reads of the year.


Whether it was brand spankin’ new jackfruit recipes or news of an all-vegan hospital, VegNews’ readers couldn’t get enough of veganism—all facets of it—in 2015. In honor of the vegan lifestyle becoming more popular than ever this year, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 most-read features on so that we can look back at all that’s been accomplished—and look forward to even more to come in 2016.

1. Vegan Baking Substitution Guide
VegNews readers had their ovens in overdrive in 2015, as our ultimate how-to guide on cruelty-free swaps topped the list this year.

2. Virgin America to Launch Vegan Airline
Did you fall for it? Our April Fool’s story this year drew a lot of laughs, and some ire, but it was all in good fun. A staff can dream …

3. Dear Facebook Friends…
One of the biggest stories across the internet had VN Senior Editor Ryan Ritchie scratching his head. Why cry for Cecil, but not for farmed animals?

4. Groundbreaking Vegan Medical Center to Open This Fall
Dr. Neal Barnard’s revolutionary plant-based medical center in Washington, DC is the first of its kind.

5. 13 Stellar Vegan Jackfruit Recipes
From mu shu lettuce wraps to mint smoothies, there wasn’t anything we wouldn’t add this Southeast Asian fruit to this year. 

6. 7 Steps to Becoming a Healthier Vegan
This New Year’s post resonated with readers all throughout the year—cheers to good health!

7. The Vegan Barista’s Guide to Starbucks Holiday Drinks
What do we want? Vegan options at Starbucks! When do we want them? During the holidays!

8. The Three-Day Detox Plan Anyone Can Do
Veganism is already a healthier option, but detoxifying and energizing our bodies is always welcomed.

9. An Open Letter to Coffeehouses Who Charge for Soy Milk
Tired of being nickled and dimed for making the compassionate choice? VegNews Editor Veronica Houk sure was, so get her take on the issue here.

10. Vegan Foods You’re Pronouncing Wrong
Die-uh or Day-uh? Vej-i-nayz or vee-gun-ayz? And what about spirulina? VegNews to the rescue.

11. Top 10 Male Vegan Bloggers
The compassionate lifestyle is an equal opportunity, and we have male bloggers to prove it.

12. 5 Ways to Create a Great Vegan Picnic
Pack up the red checkered tablecloth and grab your nearest basket—it’s picnic time! But what else will make the outing? Click above to find out how readers had fun in the sun.

13. 5 Amazing Vegan Subscription Boxes
What’s better than cruelty-free goodies? A curated box of them delivered right to your door!

14. 10 Foods You Never Thought You’d Eat Again
Milk chocolate, bacon grease, foie gras. We’ve built up a knee-jerk reaction to the mere mention of these foods, but it’s 2015 and we can veganize anything.

15. 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigs
Seriously, piglets are right up on there along with puppies and kittens. And we love them!

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