CA Chain Refuses to Serve a Vegan Beyond Burger

Luna Grill explicitly states that it will not accommodate requests to remove feta or butter from its newly added Beyond Burger.


This week, California-based chain Luna Grill added vegan brand Beyond Meat’s plant-based Beyond Burger patty to the menu of 43 locations. The restaurant advertises the new burger as a “revolutionary plant-based burger prepared with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and spicy feta,” noting that it is not able to prepare it “vegan-style.” Luna Grill cooks the Beyond Burger patty in butter, and workers expressed to a customer that they were unwilling to use oil or dedicate time to washing the pan. While Beyond Meat does not control how its partner companies prepare the Beyond Burger, eateries that serve the plant-based patty have developed new menu items and practices to accommodate customer requests. Last year, when Impossible Foods’ competing plant-based patty the Impossible Burger was added to the menu at fast-casual chain Umami Burger, the business did not accommodate vegan requests. However, Umami Burger announced last month that it had developed vegan buns and launched two all-vegan Impossible Burger options: The Impossible Trufflemaker and The Impossible VBQ (the chain’s first barbecue burger option).