Chinese Eatery Debuts Vegan Deviled Eggs

London pop-up Mao Chow moves to speakeasy bar location serving an expanded menu that includes vegan caviar, deviled eggs, and watermelon sashimi.


Vegan pop-up Mao Chow—which serves “inauthentic” Chinese food—will serve an expanded menu when it moves to secret basement bar Behind This Wall in London on June 7. The eatery, operated by plant-based chef Julian Denis, will offer vegan deviled eggs (made with soy milk, black salt, and agar agar) topped with vegan caviar (made from kelp, carrot juice, and kombu). Mao Chow will also serve vegan blood sausage made from masa harina, beet juice, and activated charcoal, and vegan sashimi made from watermelon. “We vacuum pack the watermelon to collapse the cells which adds a dense texture to the watermelon flesh,” Denis told local media outlet Metro UK. “We then freeze, thaw, and brine the watermelon to finally achieve the desired texture and flavor.” Mao Chow is the latest vegan company to innovate the vegan seafood sector, which includes United States-based brand Ocean Hugger Foods that recently announced the global expansion of its plant-based fish products such as “Ahimi,” a tomato-based tuna currently sold in the sushi case at select Whole Foods Markets nationwide.