Miami Gets Its First All-Vegan Food Hall

Miami’s Choices Café founder opens food hall that will be home to seven vegan eateries, including Next Generation Pizza set to open in June.


The VShops—the first all-vegan food hall in Miami, FL—opened last month. The hall is home to Choices Café, a takeout eatery that offers Latin-influenced dishes such as Taco Sliders and Querida Quesadillas, and Neo’s Blender, a child-friendly smoothie and juice bar. VShops founder Alex Cuevas plans to open five more eateries by the fall and will announce additions individually as they open. Cuevas’ goal is to have a variety of vegan choices in the large food-hall space that includes an outdoor dining area. In an exclusive to VegNews, Cuevas revealed that the third eatery, Next Generation Pizza, will open on June 1 and offer traditional Italian pizza with innovative vegan flavor combinations inspired by Cuevas’ fiance’s Italian roots. “Her great grandmother brought the first pizzas to upstate New York direct from Italy several generations ago, and this pizza-making skill was passed on to her uncle and then to her,” Cuevas said. “And now, that tradition will be ‘evolved’ to be 100-percent plant-based for the next generation here in Miami.” A number of vegan businesses have opened in Florida in recent months, such as Chloe Coscarelli’s new eatery Chef Chloe and the Vegan Café in Miami and grocery store Vegan Fine Foods in Fort Lauderdale.

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