New Orleans’ Popular Artisan Bakery Goes Vegan

Breads on Oak is celebrating its six-year anniversary by ditching all animal products.


New Orleans-based bakery and café Breads on Oak recently celebrated its six-year anniversary by announcing that the eatery is now fully vegan. The café previously offered vegan options, such as quiche, stuffed brioche, and biscuits, but has now removed all meat and dairy from its menu. “Going totally plant-based has always been our vision,” owners Sean and Chamain O’Mahony said in a joint statement. “Our goal is to provide healthy food choices that show respect for our planet, and for the animals that inhabit it, therefore we use all organic, local sustainable plant-based products.” New vegan menu items include a Cajun Shrimp Brioche, which features plant-based shrimp made by California startup New Wave Foods served in a New Orleans style roux with dairy-free cheese and wrapped in brioche bread. Similarly, popular Washington DC eatery Pow Pow temporarily transitioned to a vegan restaurant in May, before deciding to stay vegan due to the trial’s success.