Starbucks Debuts Vegan Nutella-Inspired Macchiato

The international coffeehouse launched a vegan coconut milk-based macchiato made with hazelnut syrup and a chocolate mocha drizzle.


Starbucks announced two new drinks to its spring menu this week, including the vegan Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato. The new beverage—which customers can order either hot or iced—is made with a blend of coconut milk and bold espresso, flavored with hazelnut syrup, and topped with a mocha drizzle for a combination reminiscent of chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella. Starbucks introduced almond milk to its menu in 2016 and has since released several plant-based beverages, including last summer’s four-drink collection it launched to promote Lady Gaga’s anti-bullying organization Born This Way Foundation. In November, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson announced that the company would focus on developing more plant-based food and beverage options to drive sales in what he recognized as a growing segment. In May, Starbucks will debut a dairy-free version of its iconic bottled Frappuccinos—in mocha and vanilla flavors made with almond milk.

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