Tim Burton-Themed Eatery Now Serves Edward Vegan Hands

The dish is part of NYC restaurant Beetle House’s quirky menu re-launch—which is now 50 percent vegan.


Eccentric restaurant Beetle House recently launched a number of new vegan dishes at its New York City location. The gothic eatery—which is inspired by films created by director Tim Burton and encourages patrons and servers to celebrate Halloween every day—now serves vegan renditions of several popular dishes. The Edward Vegan Hands (inspired by ‘90s film Edward Scissorhands) is a vegan burger that features dairy-free cheddar, avocado, bacon, roasted red pepper, tomato, lettuce, and sriracha aioli. Other menu items include Sweeney Todd-inspired To Thai For (a vegan pad Thai) and Sweeney Shroom (a portabello mushroom-based burger), and Alice in Wonderland-inspired Vegan Cheshire Mac (a four-cheese vegan mac and cheese) and Poisonous Mushroom Fries (which are topped with vegan pulled “pork” made from oyster mushrooms). “This is a very proud day for us in NYC. Our goal was to get our menu to 50 percent vegan and today we roll out our new menu in preview which includes many of our classics now reimagined as vegan dishes,” owner Zach Neil said. “No more days of veggie burgers and plain salads.”