Vegan food truck Bartleby’s Seitan Stand will begin service on April 2 in Boston. Bartleby’s owner Stephanie Kirkpatrick wanted to show others that it is possible to still indulge in decadent foods while following a plant-based diet. “If you are thinking about being vegan, or vegetarian, or even just reducing your meat consumption, the thought of giving up your favorite foods feels like you are going to be depriving yourself,” Kirkpatrick told VegNews. “The concept of Bartleby’s is to say, ‘Hey, here’s another choice.’” With a nod to the mispronunciation of the word “seitan” as “Satan,” Bartleby’s hopes to disrupt the vegan fast-food concept with Southern-inspired seitan-based dishes such as Hail Seitan (a sandwich with crispy fried seitan, pickles, and a blend of hot spices), A Devil’s Dozen (13 deep-fried golden nuggets with choice of sauce), and Tiny Temptations (sides such as seasonal slaw, French fries, and fried pickles). While working as a manager at Cambridge’s VO2 Vegan Cafe, Kirkpatrick realized her idea for a vegan food truck could become reality. “Food trucks are accessible, cost-wise,” Kirkpatrick said. “I’m looking at this as my test kitchen. If it is well-received, then the next step is to get a brick-and-mortar location.” To finish renovations, create branding elements, and fund operational costs, Kirkpatrick recently started a “Send Bartleby’s Seitan Stand into the Streets of Boston!” Kickstarter campaign and hopes to reach a goal of $10,000 before the truck’s opening. Bartleby’s will be in three locations throughout Boston: the Prudential Center on Belvidere Street on Mondays, Clarendon on Wednesdays, and Pearl and Franklin Street on Fridays. Bostonites can expect to see more vegan options around town this year, with vegan beer hall Rewild slated to open in June.

Photo courtesy of Jill Rodgers.