World’s Best Restaurant NOMA to Serve Vegan Menu

The summer tasting menu at the re-launched Copenhagen fine-dining restaurant will feature an array of plants that chef René Redzepi will source from local lakes, meadows, and its own urban farm.


Nordic restaurant NOMA—operated by world renowned chef René Redzepi, a pioneer in the “locavore” food movement—will feature a plant-centric tasting menu (with an available vegan option) from June until September. Redzepi closed the two Michelin-star restaurant last year after 13 years of service to reformulate the menu and relocate the eatery to a larger facility in Copenhagen. The re-launch of the popular restaurant will feature a new set of menus divided into three seasons—with one solely dedicated to plants. “In this season, we will be exploring the plant kingdom and everything that is edible; cooking with what we can find underground, above ground, near the water, and in the trees,” NOMA’s website states. “We will forage for the freshest ingredients in every lake, river, stream, meadow, and woodland, work closely everyday with our collaborators to harvest their best crops, and grow some produce of our own on our urban farm. Cooking with vegetables has always been a favorite of ours, but now we are daring to create a menu entirely out of vegetables and to make it as delicious as one with meat.” The experience will consist of a variety of dishes, last for up to three hours, and cost 2,250 korner ($372) per person.

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