The Top 15 Vegan Tweets of 2015

From Pamela’s new boots to Trump’s surprise vegan appearance, Twitter was abuzz with the latest in vegan news.


2015 was yet another great year for veganism as more and more products, companies, personalities, and news made it into the mainstream. It seemed as though you couldn’t scroll through your feed without coming across news of some new breakthrough or a Hollywood starlet touting the benefits of cruelty-free living. But which news-breaking tweets had followers liking and retweeting up a storm? Here are our most popular VegNews tweets of 2015.

1. Nikki Reed’s Handbags
Twilight star Nikki Reed’s vegan handbag collection made waves on Twitter.

2. Pamela’s Boots
Our favorite ex-lifeguard proved to be quite the vegan entrepreneur in 2015 … recycled TV-screen boots anyone?

3. Jessica Chastain’s Nomination
When she’s not earning Oscar nods, the long-time vegan is just being one of our favorite vegan celebrities.

4. Animal Testing Ban
Twitter users jumped into action, voicing their support for a landmark bill introduced that would end animal testing in cosmetics.

5. The Protein Problem
One thing that unites vegans of all sizes and shapes (and species)? The dreaded protein question.

6. Donald Trump
Say what you will, but the presidential nominee is a veritable business tycoon, with his hand in many a company. But could you see him in Earth Balance?

7. Cause for Celebration
This year on World Vegetarian Day, users were in the mood for both kale and retweeting.

8. Become an Expert in Ethiopian
VegNews Editor Natalie Williams is our in-house go-to source for all things Ethiopian food, and this year she shared her guide. Check it out!

9. Isa’s Shortcake
Isa Chandra’s macadamia crème-topped Strawberry Shortcake was one our favorite Recipe Club recipes, and one of your favorite tweets.

10. Restaurant Ditches Dairy, Dupes Diners
The head chef at one of London’s hottest luxury restaurants secretly switched dairy for vegan alternatives in his menu and no one noticed. We love this story!

11. VeganEgg
Fluffy scrambles, fully-loaded omelets, and flavorful quiches. The announcement of Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg opened up a world of possibilities.

12. Bon Appétit Bumps Beef
In order to help stave off California’s mega-drought, the acclaimed food service company planned to reduce beef and focus more on plant-forward dishes.

13. A Day of Our Own
A big bowl of kale, or a dairy-free milkshake. However you chose to celebrate, we hope your World Vegan Day was a good one!

14. The Grateful Dead
Countless pigs were surely grateful to be alive when the Grateful Dead opted for veggie dogs during their farewell tour in 2015.

15. Moby’s Eats
The much-anticipated Little Pine restaurant in Silverlake had animal lovers and Moby enthusiasts abuzz.

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