If you’re looking to better your skin this spring, start paying more attention to your gut. Everyday, we take in toxins like caffeine, processed sugars, food additives, and air pollutants that damage the lining of our gut. And when we contribute to the stress of our everyday lives with attacks to our gut lining, external signs of unrest in our digestive system show up on our skin. So, what’s an easy way to heal your gut-to-skin connection? Start using an ingestible beauty powder. Better yet, begin incorporating one into your choice of morning beverage or breakfast alongside any other supplements you take. Packed with superfoods and antioxidants, ingestible powders are a non-abrasive way to restore your inner beauty. They also contain probiotic and prebiotic blends to help reduce inflammation and improve your gut health and digestion. We’ve found seven vegan, organic, and sugar-free powders that will boost your beauty from the inside out, starting at just $8.


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1. Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement by Kora Organics ($8)
We’re going to go ahead and attribute supermodel Miranda Kerr’s amazing complexion to the Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement from her vegan beauty company, Kora Organics. The supplement is an elixir that’s chock full of antioxidants for healthy skin and overall well-being such as organic acai, noni fruit, beet, pomegranate, and matcha green tea. It’s easy to blend into smoothies, water, or plant-based milks. A pack of 30 supplements is now on sale for just $8. Grab your credit card because it might be your last chance to get some glow on the go.  


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2. The Original Golde Tonic by GOLDE ($29)
Turmeric is especially good for producing glowing skin because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Consistently supplementing turmeric into your diet can help reduce breakouts and scarring, and can be calming on the skin, too. It’s the feature ingredient in this keto-friendly beauty powder that also contains cacao, another superstar skin food. Enjoy it with some non-dairy milk as a warm turmeric latte or with water—yes, it’s that good on its own.


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3. SUPER ELIXIR Greens by Welle Co ($30–$80)
Think of SUPER ELIXIR Greens by Australian wellness brand Welle Co as your daily dose of the leafy stuff, all in just two teaspoons of ingestible beauty powder. SUPER ELIXIR Greens was designed to produce radiant skin, reduce inflammation, and balance hormones by way of 45 alkalizing ingredients such as kelp, aloe vera, papaya, and dandelion. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you need a bulk refill or a few packs for your upcoming trip, Welle Co’s got you covered.


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4. Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powders by HUM Nutrition ($39)
In three delicious fusions including Coconut & Pineapple, Tahitian Vanilla & Berry, and Mint Chocolate Chip, HUM Nutrition’s Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powders deliver a healthy dosage of antioxidants and adaptogens to the gut that boost your energy and metabolism. And at just 30 calories per serving, 70 percent of consumers that used this product reported weight loss and 76 percent saw improved skin tone after one month.


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5. GLOW Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef ($65)
The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates hit the nail on the head when she made her company’s slogan, “Beauty Begins In The Belly.” Oates created her award-winning GLOW Inner Beauty Powder with more than 20 organic, bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods including Dunaliella salina, maqui berry, and queen garnet plum, as well as zinc and vitamin C for good gut and skin health. It’s also designed to support collagen synthesis, hair, and nails, thanks to an exclusive Flora Culture. The GLOW Inner Beauty Powder is especially tasty blended into an acai bowl, which Oates also has a recipe for in her cookbook, The Beauty Chef.


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6. Dope Naturally Atomic Beauty Powder ($73)
One of the best parts about this Atomic Beauty Powder by Dope Naturally is that it’s “tested on New Yorkers—not animals.” A unique blend of watermelon seed protein powder, amino acids, electrolytes, and black fulvic acid (dirt), boost the absorption of nutrients in your body, energy levels, and performance. This ingestible beauty powder also speeds up recovery from workouts and provides a hit of protein to your muscles, so try blending it into a smoothie post sweat session.


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7. Aura Radiance Inner Beauty Powder ($85)
Officially named the first Canadian-made ingestible beauty powder, Aura Radiance Inner Beauty Powder is a powerhouse blend of live and spore-forming probiotics, natural prebiotics, and antioxidant superfoods. Among its main ingredients are inulin (chicory root), mangosteen, and rosehip extract, as well as a surprising amount of veggies like beet and tomato. Aura Radiance also helps promote healthy gut flora and fights cellular damage to enhance the radiance you hold within.


Anastasia Barbuzzi is a journalist, freelance writer, and photographer whose work revolves around the worlds of health and wellness, fashion, beauty, culture, and the arts.

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