Vegan Cheese Co. Expanding to Massive New HQ in California

New plant for artisanal cheese maker Miyoko’s Kitchen is more than triple the size of company’s current facility.

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Celebrated vegan cheese company Miyoko’s Kitchen plans to move its headquarters next year from Fairfax in Marin County, CA to Petaluma in the state’s Sonoma County. The expansion from its 8,000-square-foot facility to a more highly automated 28,600-square-foot production plant will greatly boost the company’s output and allow them to meet rising demand for their products. COO Billy Bramblett said that makes the company “a little constrained because we could sell more if we could make more.” Miyoko’s Kitchen considered more than a dozen different buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area before finally settling on Petaluma. The company plans to keep its plant in Fairfax for the time being because founder Miyoko Schinner is currently developing a line of cashew-based brie and blue cheese using molds with spores that could drift through the air and potentially contaminate other products. Started in 2014, Miyoko’s Kitchen has grown exponentially, with sales increasing 400 percent in the last year. 

Photo courtesy of Miyoko’s Kitchen

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