LUSH Debuts New Vegan Bath Melt to Fight for Trans Rights

The vegan-friendly beauty brand launches a campaign to raise $450,000 to end discrimination and violence against transgender people.


International beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics launched the vegan Inner Truth Bath Melt last week as part of its new campaign to fight the advancement and security of transgender rights. The company hopes to raise $450,000 with the new bath melt (which costs $5.95 and is made with fair-trade cocoa butter, almond oil, bergamot, and orange), the proceeds of which will be donated to partner organizations National Center for Transgender Equality and the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. As part of its 14-day national “Trans Rights Are Human Rights” campaign, the company will release a series of short films dedicated to increasing awareness about the plight of transgender people in North America, place a “How to Be A Trans Ally” guide in all of its North American locations, use the social media filter #TransRightsAreHumanRights, and host events promoting transgender equality at 16 locations. “This campaign comes at a time when the rights of those in the trans community in the United States are being attacked,” LUSH ethical campaigns specialist Carleen Pickard said. “As an inclusive employer which champions equality, we simply can’t stand by knowing our co-workers fear for their lives should they choose to live their true selves in public. Our campaign aims to shed light on these daily discriminations and provide impactful tips individuals can use to make all spaces safer.” To further promote the campaign, all 250 LUSH stores in North America have removed all of their merchandise from store windows to focus on displayed quotes provided by transgender employees.

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