Like reusable grocery bags, we store face masks in our car, in our closets, in our vegan leather totes, and basically anywhere to ensure we won’t forget one when we go out. So we’re always in the market for a cute, new mask, and it’s even more thrilling to come across one with a sustainability and/or vegan angle. Here are nine of our favorites to refresh your collection. 

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1. Herbivore Clothing
This vegan apparel and accessory company is offering soft, breathable face masks made with partially recycled and non-toxic materials. Each washable mask contains the equivalent of one recycled water bottle! Beyond the sustainability component, we love the fact that this mask has an adjustable nose feature to avoid slippage. 

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2. Black Lives Matter
Simple, effective, and to the point, this washable cotton face mask is handmade with two layers of fabric for added protection while also standing up for what is right. Plus, 50 percent of the proceeds go toward the Black Lives Matter organization

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3. Rachel Craven
Buy a mask, give a mask. Protect yourself and others by purchasing this Los Angeles-based designer’s linen face masks. Opt for a simple neutral shade such as Earth Green, White, or Cobalt. For more a vibrant look, reach for Ochre Yellow or Sand Pink for a pop of color. Not only do we love the mission behind this company, we also love that we have the option to choose an ear loop or an around-the-head elastic. 

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4. Onzie
Need a mask for your morning run? This accessible, woman-owned, and US-made athletic wear company has the active individual in mind. Their Mindful Masks are made for you to move (and not slip down or inhibit breathing in the process). The sweat-wicking material is made up of upcycled athletic wear, so it’s almost as comfy as your favorite pair of leggings.

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5. Vegan Club
This cool streetwear apparel company that brought you Joaquin Phoenix’s face on an edgy jean jacket is now making masks, because the first rule of Vegan Club is: you talk about vegan club. Pure and simple, the black mask has “Vegan Club” written in silver letters boldly across the front so you can tell everyone to join the club. 

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6. Matt and Nat
One of our favorite vegan leather accessory companies is cranking out fashionable face masks. The soft cotton, three-ply mask comes in white or black with “live beautifully” imposed on the side. Like all of Matt and Nat products, this mask goes with every outfit. 

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7. Christy Dawn
These pretty floral and whimsical designs allow you to wear a different mask every day of the week. The masks are made with deadstock fabric (fabric no longer needed by a designer or manufacturer) so they help divert textiles from ending up in landfills. Each mask is washable and hand-sewn in Los Angeles. 

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8. Whimsy + Row
It started with face masks, but now we’re placing orders for the rest of this ethical fashion designer’s apparel line. Every item—including the adjustable face masks—is made with upcycled, locally sourced, and sustainable materials. Pick from boho chic patterns or neutral tones depending on your mood.

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9. EcoMask
This company isn’t exaggerating when it calls itself “the most sustainable mask on the planet.” The super-soft, 5-layer reusable masks are made with recycled fish nets that are transformed into yarn. Proceeds benefit Healthy Seas—a nonprofit aimed at tackling ocean plastic pollution from discarded fishing nets. The simple styles come in black or royal blue. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and runner living in Orange County, CA.

Photo Credit: Whimsy + Row

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