300-Pound Vegan Signs with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency

Former NFL player David Carter is now a model and will appear in a Levi’s advertisement this July.


Vegan activist David Carter—known as “The 300-Pound Vegan”—recently signed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. “David has a presence, clearly,” Wilhelmina Men’s Manager and Director of Direct Men Jessica Rosenberg told VegNews. “We started talking, and I realized that he is serious and quite passionate about his beliefs. He is a gentle giant, as they say—calm, cool, and collected. I knew we could work together.” Carter told VegNews that he plans to uphold his vegan ethics throughout his modeling career. “I will always inquire about clothing and shoes and what they are made of,” Carter said. “I am looking to connect with as many plant-based/vegan designers to secure more modeling opportunities.” Carter initially adopted veganism for health reasons and will continue to promote the plant-based diet to communities of color, which he says are often afflicted with diet-related illnesses. “It is extremely important to me to be proactive as a black man,” Carter said, “whose family and community is suffering with endless health-related issues due to lack of knowledge and access.” As part of his contract with Wilhelmina, Carter will appear in an advertisement for Levi’s in July.

Photo courtesy of Daniella Hehmann

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